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The Ultimate Face Lifting & Body Contouring System

Ulfit and Ultraformer are proudly designed by CLASSYS, while Ulfit is not only suitable for reversing apparent aging signs but also a perfect solution for body contouring with its unique body multi-depth cartridges. Ulfit is an Non-Surgical treatment that promotes face lifting and skin tightening to a number of problem areas. This includes the difficult-to-treat sub-mental zone (area under the chin) for effective neck lifting.

Powered by MFU and MFCU ultrasound, the ULFIT system guarantees non-invasive, comfortable experience, faster and promising results procedures exclusively on the face, body, or on multiple areas to show the patient’s full potential.

how it works

For treatments that include facial lifting andtightening, the ULFIT delivers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound into target layers of the dermis, which prompts the production of new collagen, resulting in a naturally rejuvenated appearance.
For body contouring and slimming procedures, the ULFIT utilizes Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound, or MFCU, to target stubborn fat cells in certain parts of the body. Moving in circular precision, MFCU only targets fat cells and yields outcomes for a slimmer and contoured body shape.

is it painful

The revolutionary Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound (MFCU) design allows HIFU to be delivered continuously in a perpetual circular motion resulting in faster and more extensive treatments, hence dramatically improve the comfort level during treatments with pain control technology.

which areas can be treated

how many sessions do i need

The effects of the ulfit HIFU treatment can be seen immediately and will improve over time. The final result takes around 90 days to appear and will last long-term (up to 1 year or more). A second treatment may be required and can be done 2 – 3 months after your first treatment to allow for greater longevity of results.

am i a candidate

Face lifting and tightening treatments may be ideal for individuals concerned with fine lines and wrinkles or sagging skin with moderate skin laxity. If you struggle with removing stubborn areas of fat, then try the ULFIT’s body contouring and slimming capabilities. Both face and body treatments are ideal for individuals who want to avoid the added risks or complications that are normally associated with injections and surgical procedures.

can i combine ulfit mini face lift with other treatments

Ulfit face contouring treatment works well with other skin treatments such as hydra boost facial and prp skin rejuvenation treatment.

down time and after care

The best part about this non-invasive procedure is that it doesn’t require any downtime. Your skin may be a bit more sensitive for the first few hours after the treatment. Any swelling, redness, or tingling sensation should have fully subsided after 2-5 days. After care tips: -Avoid using tweezers, waxes and depilatory creams until at least 3 days after the treatment -Avoid hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and heavy exercise for a couple of days. Use only a light exfoliator and moisturiser on the day of the treatment, but after that your normal skin cleansing and care regime can be resumed. -Apply a sunblock with a SPF of at least 30 on the day of the treatment and subsequent days, to avoid irritation from direct exposure to sunlight.

what conditions can you treat with ulfit

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