HIFU Treatment- Double Chin Reduction


Double chins can sometimes be a cause of the ageing process. As we go through the natural ageing process collagen production slows down and the jowls and jawline starts to lose elasticity, resulting in the skin becoming looser and showing signs of sagging. Our non-surgical face lift treatment, HIFU skin tightening treatment, is effective for lifting and tightening lose and/or sagging skin. Known as the ‘lunchtime facelift’, a HIFU treatment takes minutes to administer and effectively reduces the appearance of your double chin.


The HIFU treatment has the ability to target deep, structural layers in the skin, such as the Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer. The SMAS is the same area that is targeted and tightened during cosmetic surgery. However, unlike surgery, HIFU is non-invasive and non-surgical with no downtime. A HIFU facelift works by targeting beams of High-intensity focused ultrasound waves onto the fat cells in your chin, firming and tightening the skin. This method also stimulates the production of collagen which will make your skin appear more youthful and textured while tightening and toning the chin in the long term.

The HIFU double chin treatment is perfect for tightening and lifting those droopy jowls, or commonly known as ‘turkey neck’. The treatment results in a more defined jaw line and reduction of the double chin. Just one HIFU treatment is normally required with results developing over 6-12 weeks as your body starts the production of collagen that creates a lifting and tightening effect. A great advantage of HIFU is that it comes with very few side effects, most of which usually clear up in a matter of days. For those with a low pain threshold, this treatment could be ideal for you as the sensation is warm and tingly instead of painful.


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Double Chin Reduction(HIFU)

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