How Cheek&Lip Enhancement Treatment work?

Dermal filler is a naturally occurring substance.

Our expert doctors and registered nurses inject the aesthetic gel based treatment into the cheeks, to give you a natural looking result.


The aesthetic gel-based filler is based on a naturally occurring bodily substance, a sugar molecule. The function of this molecule is to bind water and act as a lubricant and shock absorbers in the parts of your body that are movable, as well as transporting nutrients and regulating your skin’s water balance. Dermal fillers revitalise and add volume to the treated area instantly by boosting this naturally occurring substance.


This package incluesusing 1mL Restylane Lyft Product which is specifically designed to enhance cheek areas , 1ml Restylane Lyps which is suitable for lip enhancement and 50 units of dysport for up to 2 areas of Anti Wrinkle Treatment.




Lips, Cheeks & Anti Wrinkle

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