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Imagine being able to revolutionise the look and feel of your skin in just a quick 20 minutes. That’s precisely what makes our organic facial one of our most highly sought-after facial treatments here at My Body Vibes.


With our Glow-N-Go express organic facial treatment, you can enjoy refreshed and expertly exfoliated skin in your lunch break. And best of all, our organic facial uses no machines whatsoever, relying instead on the naturally cleansing power of steam and our range of botanical facial cleanses, scrubs, and face masks.


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DOWNTIME               NO

PRICE                        $90



In a world that never stops, take a mere 20-minute pause to illuminate your essence. Introducing our Glow-n-Go Express Facial - a swift yet immersive experience tailored for the modern individual.

Treatment Essence:

  • Steam's Embrace: Start with the soft touch of gentle steam, priming your pores for the organic symphony to follow.

  • Nourishing Cleanse: A deep dive into purity with our enriching cleanse, washing away the weight of the day.

  • Botanical Exfoliation: Unveil your skin's true vibrance with a natural scrub that gently exfoliates and renews.

  • Lushness of a Facial Mask: Delight in a lush mask, rich with nature's bounty, promising hydration and radiance.

  • Holistic Finale: Conclude with our signature organic skincare ritual, ensuring you carry a glow that’s as real as you.

With absolutely no machines, every touch, and every element of this treatment, mirrors the pure essence of nature. The perfect solution for combating dullness, and tackling slight dehydration, and an ideal choice for those keen on regular upkeep for vivacious, healthy skin. Whether it's a pre-event prep or a mid-week boost, this express facial is your shortcut to effortlessly authentic luminance.


Suitable for: Dullness, slight dehydration, and general upkeep for maintaining healthy skin.

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