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Fractional Radiofrequency



DOWNTIME               1-2 DAYS

PAIN LEVEL               ●●○○○


Fractional RF Micro-Needling Treatment, also known as collagen boost therapy, is a minimally invasive treatment for the purpose of skin rejuvenation. New collagen and elastin will be stimulated by fine pins puncturing in the top layer of our skin, which results in improved skin texture.


Radiofrequency energy as an additional element can benefit the dermis layer of the skin since the energy is able to reach deep into the dermis layer and enhance skin tightening and tissue healing results.


Benefits of Fractional RF Micro-needling Treatment:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles 

  • Improve the skin texture and tone

  • Treat alleviate acne

  • Reduce acne scars and stretch marks

  • Minimize the appearance of pores

How it works

The fractional RF thermolysis occurs in the target area and selectively degenerates the collagen fibers between the superficial dermis and muscle band. The collagen fibers deteriorate promoting the construction of new collagen through a stimulus of the fibroblasts.

The tiny gold plated needles introduce the RF energy deep into the skin stimulating collagen production, whilst allowing natural and fine channels to be created in the skin. The channels can carry up to 80% more topical nutrients, allowing for treatment delivery deep into the skin. This is a similar effect to skin needling except there are not as many needling channels created.

Down time and after care

Downtime is minimal. You may return to your normal routine post treatment. A mild sunburn feeling is common. After treatment the skin may look a little flushed for a short period of time. You must avoid the sun and wear a stand alone 30 SPF sunblock at all times. There is a relatively easy recovery and low risk associated with this procedure. We always encourage you to plan accordingly as some clients experience a greater reaction.

Is it painful

Some people may experience mild discomfort during the procedure. This can be overcome by the use of a topical anaesthetic cream.

Side effects and risks

Swelling, blistering, infection, unwanted pigmentation changes and scarring are rare side effects.

how long does the result last

The longevity of your results depend on you. Results will last longer if you maintain proper skin care which includes sunblock every day! NOTE: bruises can last 1-7 days. They are TEMPORARY and will completely disappear over time with no effect on your treatment. Once bruising has formed (within the first 48 hours) it is better to apply warmth to the area to encourage the body’s natural reabsorption of the bruise from the skin.

What areas/conditions can be treated

-Face, Neck and Décolleté -Abdomen -Arms -Legs -Wrinkles -Acne scars -Crepey neck skin -Decolette wrinkles -Skin tightening -Stretch mark reduction -Loose skin

How many session do i need

We recommend 3-5 sessions done at one month intervals.

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