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(Bespoke beauty crafted for you)


DOWNTIME                NO

PRICE                         $174


Introducing the Your Choice Facial – where you're in charge, and your skin's wishes come first!

How It Works:

  1. Let’s Talk: First, we chat about what your skin needs. Do you want a deep cleanse? A moisture boost? A little lift? Or perhaps some brightness? We're all ears!

  2. Pick Your Favorites: From our array of treatments – deep cleaning, hydrating, tightening, brightening, and more – pick what suits you best.

  3. Expert Touch: Our skilled therapists then blend your choices into the perfect facial, ensuring your skin gets exactly what it craves.

  4. Glow On!: Leave feeling refreshed, with your skin looking its best!

Who's It For?

Anyone who wants a facial that's totally tailored. If you know what your skin needs or even if you're not quite sure, we're here to make it perfect.

Why Choose the Your Choice Facial?

Because you know your skin best! We offer the tools and expertise, and you guide us to create the perfect treatment just for you.


Suitable for: Tailored to individual concerns after consultation. Ideal for those with specific or multiple skin issues that need targeted attention.

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Body Contouring Treatments

Fat Freezing, Ulfit HIFU, Fat Cavitation, Cellulite Reduction and more.

Non-Surgical fat reduction and body contouring treatment plans to transform your body.

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