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Fat Freezing Treatment

How does it work

Fat freezing, otherwise known as cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive procedure that permanently removes areas of body fat by crystallizing underlying fat cells. It is the best non-surgical method of getting rid of unwanted fat pockets that may be resistant to diet and exercise. By targeting and freezing fat cells, your body can naturally eliminate them in the weeks and months to follow.


With our CryoForm Fat Freezing advanced 360° surround cooling technology, we provide a comfortable treatment in nearly half the time as other industry machines. This advanced technology safely reduces fat from
all major areas, including the abdomen, love handles, flanks, bra-bulges, back fat, as well as the inner and outer thighs and buttocks.


The applicators are applied to an area of the body and a controlled cooling technique freezes the fat cells. Without doing any damage to surrounding cells, the fat cells crystallize and die and eliminate from the body naturally.

Is it painful

The treatment itself is safe and effective. During the treatment, many patients are so comfortable that they may even choose to read or take a nap.

What should patients expect post-treatment

Most people witness an obvious reduction of fat after one treatment. Patients may start to see results in as little as three weeks after treatment with even more of a difference visible after about two months.  Since the treatment is conducted non-surgically, most patients can return to normal everyday activities without any delay. In fact, most patients return to work immediately upon completing their session.

How many treatments are recommended

The amount of sessions needed depends on the area of the body being targeted, as well as the patient’s unique physique and desired results. Our professional team will recommend a treatment plan catered specifically to your body type and goals that is going to work.

Treatment Results

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