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Emshape Body Scuplting Treatment Melbourne 

EmShape® is a new device in body sculpting and muscle building. It is one of the first EU and KFDA approved energy devices for fat reduction and muscle development.

This procedure works by directing highly concentrated electromagnetic energy into the treatment areas, forcing the muscles to contract beyond what is possible through voluntary effort.

In response to this contraction, the muscle regenerates itself, and fat cells in this area are removed.


What's EmShape® ?

How does it work

What areas can be treated

treaatment areas_edited.png
treaatment areas_edited_edited.png
muscle build before.png

The muscles are exposed to contractions during the treamtent.

muscle build after.png

The muscle responds with growth of muscle fibers and generation of protein strands.

fat cells before

The energy stimulation penetrates to fat and muscle tissue.

fat cells after

The tissues will respond with structural remodelling that yeilding in fat reduction and muscle development.

Frequently asked questions

Up to 7.o Tesla Magnetic Power (+-20%) and 310 μs pulse width results in more efficient growth of muscle fibers. With the engagement of the entire targeted muscle group, clients have seen more visible results in fewer treatments.

why choose emshape®?

before and after EMSHAPE Treatment

packages and offers

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