A double chin is caused by an extra layer of fat that develops beneath the chin.A few possible factors combine in the body to create a double chin:

  • AgeThe skin starts to lose its elasticity as the body ages, which can lead to the appearance of extra or saggy skin that may contribute to a double chin.

  • Diet and weightWhile weight gain is not always the cause of a double chin, it can contribute to it. A diet high in calories, processed foods, and unhealthful fats may influence weight gain and a double chin as well.

  • GeneticsGenes may play a role in people developing a double chin. Anyone with a family history of skin with little elasticity or double chins might be more likely to develop one themselves.

  • PosturePoor posture can weaken the muscles of the neck and chin. This may contribute to a double chin over time, as the surrounding skin loses its elasticity when the muscles are not used.


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Is double chin concerning you?

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Fat Dissolving Treatment 

DOWNTIME               2-5 DAYS

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○


Fat dissolving Treatment (Product K) targets and effectively reduce small and stubborn fat pockets, providing a tight and more contoured appearance. It is a safe and effective treatment that permanently destroys fat cells and dissolves the fat particles. A combination of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate plus vitamins has been safely used in Australian cosmetic clinics for many years.


The benefits of Fat Dissolving Treatment (Product K)


  • Visible improvements to stubborn fat in the chin area

  • Nonsurgical chin sculpting

  • A natural treatment that uses a substance produced by our body

  • A relatively quick treatment

  • Minimal downtime after your procedure

  • The result is permanent

Frequently asked questions

Fat dissolving Treatment contains a substance  called phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is a natural compound derived from soybean. Once the treatment has happened, the liquid will disperse into the site and its surrounding areas. It causes the fat cells to rupture and breakdown via the body’s usual metabolic process, resulting in a more contoured shape. 

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Eliminate Fat On

Double Chin Area,

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