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is your skin looking tired and dull?

Dull skin is skin that looks lackluster, flat, or even grey, and may even feel rough or bumpy to the touch.  It’s the result of dead skin cell build-up on the surface of your skin, and it can happen at any age and in any weather. This particular common skin issue can be attributed to:

  • Dead skin cells. The layer of dead skin prevents your skin from reflecting light and can give your face a more ashy look. 

  • Pollution. It doesn’t just affect your lungs, but your skin, too. The dirt and sulfur dioxide in the air create free radicals (unstable molecules that cause damage to the cells in your body) on your skin, damage collagen, and stimulate pigment production, causing your complexion to look tired and drab.

  • Stress. When you’re stressed, your fight-or-flight response kicks in, diverting blood flow from your face to other parts of your body, such as your muscles, resulting in a less lively, dull look.

  • Lack of sleep. A few bad night’s sleep is enough for the visible signs of fatigue to appear, and this can include having a dull complexion.

  • Dehydration. When you don’t drink enough water or if the weather is especially dry outside (say, during wintertime), the amount of moisture below your skin’s surface can decline, leaving you with skin that looks deflated and dull, instead of plump and bright.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, a lack of exercise, and a diet consisting mainly of processed foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat can all wreak serious havoc on the brightness of your complexion.

At My Body Vibes, we provide a wide range of results-driven facial treatments using medical-grade equipment to help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. Your consultation and treatments will be conducted by doctors and nurses with rich cosmetic treatment experiences.

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DOWNTIME               NO

PAIN LEVEL              ●○○○○


The Carbon Peel Facial aims to rebalance oily or combination skin. It provides skin glow and a flawless texture and complexion.


This is an innovative laser resurfacing treatment that treats skin flaws with targeted light beams. At My Body Vibes, we use a medical grade pico-second laser to ensure the clients achieve the best results.


The procedure's main benefit is that as the treated skin regenerates, the appearance of uneven skin, dark or age spots, and pigment fades, and the texture becomes smoother.



DOWNTIME               NO

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○○


The Hydra Facial Treatment is one of the most popular lunchtime facial treatments right now. The treatment has become the go-to facial for celebs, your co-worker, and Facebook friend from high school because it targets many of the most common skincare concerns like dryness and signs of aging with little to no side effects. 

For those unfamiliar, the Hydra Facial is a medical-grade resurfacing treatment that clears your pores out, lifts and hydrates your skin. At My Body Vibes, our signature 7-step treatment includes Cleansing, Exfoliating, Lifting, Detoxing, Brightening and Deep Hydration, Calming, Soothing, and Rejuvenation. The treatment is painless and typically lasts about 45+ minutes. 

acne scar co2 laser

skin booster

DOWNTIME                24 HRS

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○


Skin Booster, also known as Beauty Booster or Meso-therapy is a type of dermal filler injection that naturally restore your skin from within. They significantly boost hydration to improve skin quality and correct early signs of ageing, helping you to achieve a glowing and naturally radiant complexion. 

At My Body Vibes, we also provide non-invasive skin booster treatment which is to infuse the skin with Hydra Acid by non invasive high pressure Mesotherapy gun. This new method creates a revolutionary painless skin rejuvenation procedure.


The benefits of Skin Booster


  • better skin hydration

  • improved elasticity

  • less crepey skin

  • better tone

  • luminosity look

vampire facial


DOWNTIME               2-5 DAYS

PAIN LEVEL               ●●○○○


The Vampire Facial uses a high concentration of your own platelets in a small volume of plasma that contains various growth factors to stimulates collagen and elastin production which thickens and tightens thinning skin, helping to improve your complexion, skin texture and to restore lost facial volume.

Platelet-rich plasma is a natural product from your own body that can refresh and renew your skin, reverse sun damage, and improve the appearance of scars and under-eye circles. As a natural alternative to anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, P.R.P stimulates your own immune system to improve the quality of your skin.


oxygen facial


DOWNTIME               NO

PAIN LEVEL               ○○○○○


Tired of dehydrated, lined skin, dark, puffy eyes, and a lack of firmness?

Oxygen Facials use Oxygen pressure to infuse the skin with a professional-strength serum containing antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, and minerals, in which these ingredients are infused deep into your skin using an infusion wand. You will immediately leave feeling rehydrated, rejuvenated, plump, lifted, and overall skin clarity. This treatment is designed to improve hydration and volume, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and make the skin look younger and more radiant while repairing the collagen and elastin layer deep within your lower levels of the skin. 

Benefits of Oxygen Facial Treatment:

  • Achieve instant visible results right after the treatment as fine lines and blemishes appear visibly reduced, skin looks rejuvenated, radiant, and fresh.

  • Deeply hydrates and helps to enhance volume and skin density

  • Improve overall skin texture and tone

  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Comfort dry, sensitive, or stressed skin

  • Banishes bacteria and provides an immediate increase in skin radiance and glow


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