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Are you having trouble improving muscle definition?


Some of us have sculpted, toned, and visible muscles, and some carry a little more flab depends on many factors.

Part of it is how and how much you work out; resistance training, for instance, causes muscles to grow versus weakening and waste away. It would help if you did it to build muscle mass, making muscles look defined.

But it’s also things like what you eat, how you rest, and where you store your fat.

No matter how strong your muscles are, how much fat you store under the skin covering your muscles (the visible subcutaneous fat) affects their appearance from the outside. Things like what you eat and the calories you burn on any given day affect how much of this type of fat you have. Everyone has six-pack abs; you can’t see them if you have too much abdominal fat covering those muscles.

And a big part of the equation is your genetics — the body you’re born with. Some of us have body types that inherently cause us to store more fat, burn more calories, or build muscle quicker. If two people perform the same workouts and eat the same diet, they will likely have varying results.

At My Body Vibes, we provide a wide range of results-driven body contouring treatments using medical-grade equipment to help you achieve your body goal. Your consultation and treatments will be conducted by doctors and nurses with rich cosmetic treatment experiences.





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EmShape the body sculpting treatment that focuses on building muscle and permanently removes unwanted fatty tissues non-invasively.

EmShape® is EU and KFDA approved for muscular atrophy and can be used to strengthen and tighten the abdominal, gluteal, and thigh muscles through methods of contraction and stimulation.

The dural applicators generate high electromagnetic energy that stimulates the motoneuron tissues of the body’s muscles, hence leading the muscle to contract as it would during exercises.


Up to 7.o Tesla Magnetic Power (+-20%) and 310 μs pulse width results in more efficient growth of muscle fibers. With the engagement of the entire targeted muscle group, clients have seen more visible results in fewer treatments.


BEFORE AND AFTER muscle definition

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