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Have you noticed facial volume loss?



There is an estimation that individuals can lose up to 50% of facial fat during the natural aging process. Volume loss is most evident in certain parts of the face, such as around the eyebrows, where a fat reduction can reveal the previously concealed brow bone shape. A skeletal appearance around the brow and cheek regions, lips that shrink and lose volume, and skin that appears more wrinkled, thinner, and not as moisturized are all signs of facial volume loss.

Volume Loss in the Cheeks

The cheeks can sag due to the lost face fat, moving from the eye to a lower position. If your cheeks appear flattered and are sagging with loose skin near the area where the jaw meets the neck, which is called the jowls, you have likely lost part of your cheek fat.

Volume Loss Under the Eyes

Not only can a loss of facial volume occur above the eyes around the eyebrows, but it can also happen beneath the eyes. Losing orbital fat near the area of the lower eyelids can create a hollow-eyed look circling the eye sockets.

Volume Loss in the Lips

One of the most significant indicators of the volume being lost in the lips is when fine lines appear around the mouth. Once full lips may deflate and have less definition than before, looking smaller and thinner. Facial aging includes a loss of lip contour and volume, which becomes more noticeable as the patient ages.

At My Body Vibes, we provide a wide range of cosmetic injectables treatments to help you to restore facial volume and achieve an immediate result. Non-invasive treatments are also offered at the clinic to tighten and lift the skin while slow down the natural process of losing collagen. Doctors and nurses with rich cosmetic treatment experiences will conduct your consultation and treatments. 




DOWNTIME               2-4 HRS

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○


As we age, our faces 'deflate' - areas become flatter or sunken. It is caused by the decreased ability of the body to produce enough collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin allow the skin to return to its normal tight and plump state. Once the volume is lost in the face, it can give you a hollow and sunken appearance. 


Targeting these areas with dermal fillers can restore the volume lost and enhance areas while still looking natural. Dermal fillers can also be used to fill deep folds and help to improve the appearance of scars, fine lines, and creases. The dermal fillers used natural substance which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the human body, helping to keep our skin hydrated and looking more youthful.


 Treatment areas 

  • lip Enhancement

  • Cheek Enhancement

  • Chin Sculpting

  • Jawline Sculpting

  • Undereye/tear through Filler

  • Forehead Lines

  • Marionette Lines 

  • Nasolabial Folds

pico second laser.jpg

before and after Dermal Filler treatment


ulfit® hifu

mini face lift


DOWNTIME               NO

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○○


The Ultimate Face Lifting & Body Contouring System

Ulfit and Ultraformer are proudly designed by CLASSYS, while Ulfit is not only suitable for reversing apparent aging signs but also a perfect solution for body contouring with its unique body multi-depth cartridges. Ulfit is a Non-Surgical treatment that promotes face lifting and skin tightening to a number of problem areas. This includes the difficult-to-treat sub-mental zone (area under the chin) for effective neck lifting.

Powered by MFU and MFCU ultrasound, the ULFIT system guarantees a non-invasive, comfortable experience, faster and promising results procedures exclusively on the face, body, or on multiple areas to show the patient’s full potential.

acne scar co2 laser

skin booster

DOWNTIME                24 HRS

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○


Skin Booster, also known as Beauty Booster or Meso-therapy is a type of dermal filler injection that naturally restore your skin from within. They significantly boost hydration to improve skin quality and correct early signs of ageing, helping you to achieve a glowing and naturally radiant complexion. 

At My Body Vibes, we also provide non-invasive skin booster treatment which is to infuse the skin with Hydrating Acid by non invasive high pressure Mesotherapy gun. This new method creates a revolutionary painless skin rejuvenation procedure.


The benefits of Skin Booster


  • better skin hydration

  • improved elasticity

  • less crepey skin

  • better tone

  • luminosity look

BEFORE AND AFTERS Skin booster treatment

acne scar co2 laser

Thread Lifting

DOWNTIME               2-7 DAYS

PAIN LEVEL               ●○○○


PDO threading is a new trend of treatment to tighten and lift your skin. Dissolvable threads are inserted into your concerning area of the skin during the treatment. This procedure is less invasive than facelift surgery.


PDO threads are medical grade thread that is made of protein and thinner than hair. Once threads are inserted into the deep dermal/ subdermal tissue, they will stimulate collagen production and contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin.


The benefits of PDO threading


  • improved elasticity

  • rejuvenation

  • skin tightening

  • moderate facelift

  • better skin hydration

before and after thread lifting