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Thinking about doing Fat Freezing? How to choose ? CoolSculpting VS Clatuu VS Cryoform

Updated: May 21

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat removing is becoming a highly concerned issue in the 21st century. While liposuction used to be the only surgical way to remove fat cells, the introduction of Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) reduces the risk by going through a natural procedure. Fat Freezing is a low-risk nonsurgical and non-invasive treatment targeting unwanted fat cells. It has little to no down time after the treatments. The theory is to cool down and crystallize the fat cells under your skin and let it automatically eliminate from your body.

Difference between commonly known brands?

You may heard of many bands and versions of fat freezing devices which can perform cryolipolysis treatments, although the behind technology is very similar, there are some difference between each devices, it's important to find the most suitable one for your concerning area to achieve the best result.


- CoolSculpting is a leading machine performing the cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatment.

- It is relatively expensive compared to other Fat Freeing treatments due to trademark and marketing.

- Can only treat one area at a time with the old version and 2 areas with the new version.

- Designed in U.S.A


- More affordable than CoolSculpting

- Cools the area 30% faster than CoolSculpting

- Can treat up to 2 areas at a time

- It does not offer the under-chin area

- Designed in Korea


- It offers advanced 360-degree surround cooling handpieces

- Can treat up to 4 areas at the same time

- More applicators in different sizes and shapes available to match different body areas

- It can adjust the pressure level depends on different individuals to make it more comfortable

- Can treat almost every part of your body including the abdomen, love handles, back fat, inner and outer thighs, arms, bra-bulges, flanks, buttocks as well as the double chin area with different sizes of applicators.

- Designed in Australia

Some results /before and afters from our customers:

Result of Fat Freezing on upper arms

Result of Fat Freezing on abdomen area

Result of Fat Freezing on abdomen area