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How many sessions of fat freezing treatments work best?

Are you interested in Fat Freezing/CoolSculpting Treatments but not sure how many sessions will be required to see good results?

Our nurses are being asked this question from 8/10 of our clients during consultations. This depends on a combination of "your starting size" + " the area that you want to be treated " + "your desired outcomes". It's always recommended to see our specialists before purchasing any treamtent packages, therefore we can create a tailored plan for you during the initial consultation.

Some clients only require one session and they can obtain satisfying results after 3 weeks while others may need multiple sessions on the same area or surronding area to acheive most obvious results. On average, clients will have around 20-25% fat reduction on the treatment area in 2 months time.

Results from our clients after fat freezing treatments:

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