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Liposuction Vs Fat Freezing, Which Is Better?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

For people who has concerns about their body shape, you might already consider a lot of different methods to get rid of it, diet, exercise, fat reduction treatment, even surgery such as liposuction. However, is liposuction a good idea for you? Which treatment is more suitable for you? This article might change your mind and SAVE A LOT OF MONEY for you.

liposuction side effect
scars from liposuction

liposuction vs fat freezing
Liposuction can lead to uneven results

Fat Freezing or CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment, it eliminates 20%-25% of fat cells in any given part of a person’s body. During the procedure, a clinician will place a or more applicators on the target area, the applicators can clamps down and cools the areas fat to freezing temperature to crystalize the far cell. In a few weeks, your body will naturally eliminate the dead fat cells via metabolism. You should see initial results in 4 -6 weeks, and final results in 3-6 months. As Fat freezing is a non-surgical procedure, meaning there is no cutting, stitching or recovery time necessary.

Liposuction is an invasive surgery done with aesthesia. A plastic surgeons will make one or several small cuts around the area of fat for removal, then insert a thin tube called a cannula through the incision and use it to suck out the fat. Liposuction can remove a large amount of fat. You may be able to remove up to 5 litters of fat with liposuction. This inevitably leads to some scarring and you can expect a recovery time of two to four weeks.

Which one is better for me?

Firstly, please ensure that you have a thorough consultation before you attend any treatment. Both treatments can remove the fat cells permanently. Fat freezing requires minimal downtime compare to liposuction. Fat freezing works better for removing small areas of fat, whereas liposuction is more suitable for removing large portions of fat. If you have bold clotting disorder or scar easily, you might not suitable for liposuction. It is also possible to move fat from one area of the body to another using liposuction. A person may wish to do this to contour the body.

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